4 of Our Favorite Shower Tile Ideas for 2022

Wondering which shower tile design would be best for your bathroom? Searching for inspiring bathroom tile trends online can leave you scratching your head, with more choices than you know what to do with. There are simply so many beautiful bathroom tile options to choose from, it can be tough to narrow it down to just a few. 

Should you get ceramic tile, porcelain tile, glass tile, marble tile, stone tile, or something else? The only limitations are that the tile material must be waterproof and your imagination for a stylish, functional new bathroom!

This guide is designed to help you think through your shower tile options while inspiring you to imagine your dream bathroom remodel in a new, refreshingly unexpected way. 

As a local Fort Collins home remodeling contractor, Artisan Remodeling & Design understands just how important the optimization of your bathroom, no matter how small, can be. If you are ready to embrace new levels of comfort, relaxation, and functionality with an upgraded bathroom design, give us a call at (970) 691-6995 or message us online to discuss your options!

Elevate your bathroom style with one of these inspiring shower tile designs. 

Leveraging carefully selected colors, shapes, materials, and layouts for a cohesive bathroom design concept, can create a highly functional, one-of-a-kind bathroom design. 

The guiding principle for any home remodeling project is not necessarily to make it look like something off of Instagram or Pinterest, but to use the existing space and apply the aesthetic you want so that your bathroom can be the best version of itself. 

When choosing shower tile, you are going to want to choose something that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing to you. Whether you are looking to channel a new level of elegance with marble floors, or you want to make a statement with a sophisticated yet easy-to-maintain shower area, Artisan Remodeling is here to make it happen!

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#1: Large Tiles Help Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

If you have a relatively small bathroom, you may think that small tiles are necessary. However, opting for bigger tiles can actually help make the space feel larger, as they create fewer lines. This helps the space maintain a sense of openness and visual cohesion. It is easy to make a small bathroom feel busy with all sorts of textures, but with large tiles that match your grout, you can keep your shower tile design from overwhelming the other elements in the room. 

Shower Tile Ideas for 2022#2: Wall-to-Wall Tiles Can Make a Small Bathroom Feel More Spacious

It might sound a bit clinical at first, but floor to ceiling tiling in your bathroom can help stretch the space visually. Practically, it also is extremely well-suited to a wet room or walk-in shower due to just how waterproof the space becomes. If you choose a glossy finish, it will help to reflect more light around the room. But please keep in mind that glossy tiles can become quite slippery, so we don’t recommend using them in or near the shower. Matte tiles might not reflect quite as much light, but they’re still gorgeous and a lot safer! 

bathroom remodeling loveland#3: Use Brick-Shaped Shower Tiles for a Classic Style

We’ve all heard of subway tile, and for good reason. They are extremely versatile and work with practically any style. If you are going for a more modern, urban feel in your bathroom, using brick-shaped tiles in a stacked or herringbone layout can all be a great way to create a seamless, contemporary-feeling bathroom design. Going for a more traditional look? Basketweave or brick patterns are a good choice for you! 

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#4: Add Warmth with Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Modern trends in bathroom tile often encourage people who hire shower remodel contractors to choose bold features, but this is not necessary. Of course, we do love the properly executed bold tile, don’t get us wrong! But you can also add a great focal point AND add some warmth to the space by going with an earthy terracotta toned picket tile, or perhaps a hexagon marble is more your style. The goal is to create a space that feels warm and inviting, and there are so many fun ways to go about it. We would love to help you discover which route is best for you!

How to Choose the Best Shower Tiles for a Bathroom

Picking out the tile you want to use for your bathroom renovation project can be one of the most exciting steps in the process. It’s important to, first and foremost, think of the experience you want to create in your bathroom. Do you want it to feel more like a spa, or do you want to make it a very practical space that helps you start your day efficiently?

Colors have a big effect on one’s mood. While subdued hues are safer and easier to live with, brighter colors can help us feel more energized while creating a bold impact. To see what style of tile would be best for your space, bring home several samples. They can help you see (instead of just imagining) what the space will look like with each shower tile idea. 

There are a number of factors to consider when getting your bathroom remodeled so that it is more functional and has a more stylish touch. For whatever type of home remodeling project you have in mind, we encourage you to reach out to Artisan Remodeling & Design of Fort Collins to discuss 2022 bathroom tile trends with one of our bathroom remodeling experts. They’re ready to help show you how you can make your home look and feel like you’ve always wanted. We also encourage you to check out examples of our past work for inspiration.

If you need bathroom tilework done or are considering options for updating your bathroom, give us a call at (970) 691-6995 or reach out to us online today!

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