5 Bathroom Tile Trends for 2020

2020 is well underway and so far, it’s been a doozy. But not all things 2020 need to be a big flaming ball of stress and mayhem, as this article will prove. We invite you to sit back, grab a nice cool drink, and read on about all the new and exciting Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 to watch—especially when it comes to bathroom tile. In a nutshell, the minimalism we’ve all seen so much of is gradually giving way to new creativity and flavor, and we’re a big fan.

Dimensional Tile Designs

While subway tile isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, it is giving ground to other geometric alternatives like herringbone tile, hexagon tile, and even scallop tiles. And it’s easy to see why. While once extremely dated, these retro styles (and some new ones) allow homeowners to maintain a simple, clean white bathroom while still making an interesting visual impact and giving the space a dose of character.

Expect to see dimensional tile used as flooring, bathroom backsplashes, and shower

Graphic Tile Patterns

For those looking for something truly unique and eye-catching, graphic tile is another retro trend that’s on the rise. Graphic tiles are available in soft, neutral hues that let the design speak for itself, or bold contrasting colors for those looking for some explosive energy.

Be prepared to find mostly encaustic ceramic graphic tiles as well as some new porcelain options.

Wainscoting and Partially Tiled Walls

Bringing tilework partially up your bathroom walls gives the space depth and drama, and there are a variety of different heights to choose from and coordinate around. Many homeowners choose to add a ledge or shelf above this tilework (if it is at countertop height), offering convenient storage space for personal necessities.

Matte Tile Finishes

A rising trend from last year, matte tile is once again a popular choice in 2020. Matte tiles are understated and less dramatic than glossy options, making them better for hiding smudges, scuffs, and water marks. Plus you can find them in a variety of colors and shades including increasingly popular neutral and natural varieties like travertine and limestone.

Evolving Subway Tile

Subway tile is incredibly popular, but it’s also a bit plain and due for some variation and creativity—which is exactly what we’re seeing. Subway tile trends today feature new colors, sizes, and shapes, especially long and skinny subway tiles, inky blues or jade green, and natural browns and gray tones. These new subway tiles allow homeowners to break the monotony and add some character, while still keeping their décor clean, classic, and understated.

Expert Bathroom Tile Installation and Remodeling

At Artisan Remodeling & Design of Fort Collins Colorado, we love taking outdated or unremarkable bathrooms and renovating them into truly unique, comfortable, and functional spaces for you to enjoy. We hope you got inspired by our Bathroom Tile Trends 2020 blog. If you need bathroom tilework done or are considering options for updating your bathroom, give us a call at (970) 691-6995.

Our team would love to help you explore your vision and show you how we can make it a reality!

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