Bathroom Remodeling 101

A remodeled bathroom can convert an unattractive room into a pleasant, relaxing oasis.

Getting Started

· Begin your project by taking measurements and carefully developing a plan.
· Look at photos of other bathroom remodeling projects to acquire new ideas.
· List the changes you want to make in the order of their importance.
· Note every step needed to complete each phase of the bathroom remodeling project.
· Make a list of needed materials and tools along with their cost.
· If your budget is limited, decide which alterations you can postpone for a while.
· Inquire about the need of obtaining permits for your project.

Money-saving Improvements

Consider making some environmentally friendly improvements in your remodeled bathroom. By using less water and energy, you will save money on utility bills every month.

· Water-saving toilets use less water every time you flush, and toilets with dual flush fixtures use half as much water when flushing only liquids.
· Showerheads with water-saving features will let you take leisurely showers while using less water.
· Skylights make it unnecessary to turn lights on every time you enter the room.

Aesthetic Improvements

· Small rooms appear bigger if they have large mirrors. You may want to use mirrors on an entire wall to make the bathroom seem twice as spacious. However, remember that it takes more time and effort to clean mirrors than it takes to clean ordinary walls.
· Instead of installing new cabinets, try giving your existing cabinets new surfaces to improve their appearance.

Hiring Professional Help Maybe to Your Advantage

Even when you are confident that you can complete a bathroom remodeling project with no major problems, you may prefer to hire a contractor if you want the job finished in a shorter time. Some contractors in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas welcome assistance from homeowners who want to lower the cost of a remodeled bathroom project. The professionals can pour a new shower pan, set tile, and do the other difficult or tedious bathroom remodeling tasks while you complete the less complicated work. In that way, you can have a beautiful, functional, remodeled bathroom and save money and time as well.

Looking for a licensed, insured, experienced bathroom remodeling 101 professional who guarantees all his work and has an impressive portfolio. A contractor can also offer excellent advice during the planning stages of your project. His experience and knowledge give him the ability to provide valuable guidance in selecting the best materials for your taste and budget. You may find that a professional contractor can help you save money by showing you how to make wise decisions through each phase of the process.

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