Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Home Remodel in Fort Collins

When you embark on a home remodel in Fort Collins (or Loveland, Windsor, Berthoud, etc.) the goal is redesigning and refreshing your home to make it more functional for your family’s needs.  Nothing accentuates this transformation quite like a change in your home’s color palette, with shades that reflect your home’s new features.

Choosing the perfect paint colors for your home, however, can be daunting.  With so many hundreds of shades in every imaginable hue, where do you start?  The design experts from O Magazine offer some great advice:

  • Start with your wardrobe.  In order to get an idea of which colors draw you in, shop your own closet and look for color trends among your favorite pieces.  Whether it’s sage green, wine red, or warm mocha that keeps popping up, you’ll get an idea of which colors naturally attract you.
  • Analyze your lifestyle.  Think about the room you’re redesigning.  When do you use it the most, and for which purpose?  If it’s a nook where you eat breakfast on most days, you might prefer a brighter, morning-friendly color.  For a study that you use primarily in the evenings, a warm brown or burgundy might set just the right tone.
  • Carry hints throughout.  Having echoes of one color throughout the house can give it an airy, open feeling, but you don’t need to repeat the same exact shade in each room.  Settle on a color that really appeals to you in one room, and then use lighter or darker shades of the same hue in adjoining rooms.
  • Don’t hug the wall.  While taping paint swatches to the wall is the first step for many painting projects, don’t stick to the wall for too long.  You may have visual interference from the existing paint color, distorting the look of the new shade.  Instead, move the swatch next to the items that will be in the finished room to imagine how it will look with your furniture, art, and accessories.

No matter which shade catches your eye, Artisan Remodeling and Design will bring our professionalism and craftsmanship to your Fort Collins home remodel.  Contact us to learn more about our work, and for a free estimate on your project.

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