Grateful Spaces: How to Refresh Your Home for a Cozy Holiday Season

The 2023 holiday season has arrived, and the excitement of welcoming family and friends into our homes came with it. However, preparing our spaces for gatherings can sometimes be overwhelming. Working with a skilled home design company can turn your home into a warm, inviting space that captures the spirit of the season through simple yet effective tweaks and projects.

Updating Soft Furnishings

Swapping out or adding soft furnishings can instantly make a room feel warmer and more inviting. Think plush rugs, soft curtains, and cushioned seats. Textural contrasts and seasonal patterns can add depth and interest. A home design company can offer suggestions on materials and fabrics that are both stylish and cozy. If you own a Ruggable rug system, snag this classic tartan topper to bring holiday cheer to your home, or bring a little humor with this needlepoint pillow from Neiman Marcus.



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Festive Lighting for Mood Enhancement


Lighting plays a pivotal role in setting the mood for holiday festivities. Subtle string lights, elegant table lamps, or a statement chandelier can transform a room. Working with a design team can help you choose lighting that not only brightens your space but also adds a touch of magic and warmth, essential for those cozy winter nights. These two economical and classic options from IKEA are some of our favs!

Creating a Welcoming Entrance

Your entryway is the first impression guests have of your home. Small changes here can make a significant impact. Consider a new console table styled with holiday accents, a seasonal wreath, or a cute new entry mat, like this one from Anthropologie. A home design company can offer creative and practical ideas to make your entrance inviting and reflective of the holiday spirit.

Cozy Corners for Relaxation

The holidays aren’t just about hustle and bustle; they’re also for relaxation. Create cozy nooks in your home where guests and family members can retreat. A comfortable chair, a plush throw, and a stack of books in a quiet corner can be the perfect setting for a little downtime. Design professionals can help identify the best spots in your home for these tranquil spaces.

Tablescapes and Decor

The dining table is often the centerpiece of holiday gatherings. Transform your dining area with a stunning tablescape with seasonal florals, candles, and elegant tableware. Nobody does holiday tablescapes quite like ABC Home in New York City. Check out their stunning holiday tabletop options on their website.

Personalized Touches

Personalization makes holiday decorating truly special. Incorporate family heirlooms, handmade items, or personalized decor pieces that tell your family’s story. A design expert can integrate these elements seamlessly into your holiday decor, adding a layer of sentiment and uniqueness to your home.

By focusing on small but significant changes, your home can become a space where memories are made and gratitude is felt all season long.

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