How to Maximize Your Small Kitchen

The light color palette, tall ceiling, open shelving and minimal clutter all help to make this small kitchen appear larger.

Smaller kitchens come with a unique set of challenges. From looking cramped, to a lack of storage, it can feel a bit discouraging. However, we’ve learned some great tips and tricks over the years to help solve these problems! Read on for a few tips on how to make the most of your small kitchen.

Height Matters

If your kitchen has tall ceilings, make sure you’re utilizing that space. Choosing 42” cabinets will really open up the space and allow for maximum storage throughout. Additionally, if you have the room, you can easily stack smaller cabinets on top of the uppers. This is a fantastic way to get tons of useful storage in a small area. 

Open Up

On the flip-side of the cabinetry coin, we have open shelving. While stacked cabinets allow for more usable space, open shelving makes a space FEEL more open and spacious. This option isn’t for everyone–especially if you require a lot of storage room–but it’s a beautiful, modern take for the small kitchen. 

Get Organized

Nowadays, there are endless organizational tools at your disposal. A simple Google search can solve pretty much any organizational or storage issue you’re having. Some of our personal favorites are dividers to help keep sheet pans and lids where they belong and shelving you can easily add and remove in your cabinets. Another great addition to your kitchen are roll-out trays for inside your cabinets. These are perfect for storing cookware and makes it easily accessible. Prior to beginning a renovation or remodel, be sure to consider all of the options available to you to be certain you’re making the very most of the space you have. Luckily, if you choose to do your kitchen remodel through Artisan, you’ll get our cabinet customization service. This is where we go through your existing kitchen, take note of all the items you currently have, and create a perfectly organized new home for each and every item. So in other words, we will add all the dividers, roll-outs, and whatever else is needed to perfectly accommodate your specific needs. 

Clear the Clutter

Counter space truly is important in a small kitchen. Try to avoid storing too many appliances, papers or food on the counter to truly maximize the space you have. This should provide ample room to prepare and cook food without much hassle. Additionally, leaving that space clear will really open up the space from a visual perspective! Because, as we all know, a cramped, cluttered space is not cute to look at, and it can even feel a bit stressful. So, a few thoughtfully placed items is all a small kitchen needs on its countertops.

Go Light

Choosing a lighter color for your kitchen can really open the space up and make it look bigger than it really is. Light-finish cabinetry and pale walls are the perfect combination to fool the eye into believing the space is larger. 

Reflect On It

Choosing reflective surfaces and finishes also helps in making a space appear larger than it is. This includes mirrors, shiny tiles and high gloss paint. A major way to implement this is through the use of stainless steel appliances. Everything from refrigerators to stoves to coffee pots come in this finish now, so it’s easy to have pops of reflection throughout the kitchen!

Drawing the eyes up also makes a space seem larger. In order to do this, you can use an interesting lighting fixture on the ceiling. Something engaging and a bit dramatic can really help to make the space feel larger. 

For more tips and tricks for your small kitchen remodeling project, get in touch with us today! We can’t wait to chat with you!

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