How to Choose the Right Hardware For Your New Cabinets

You’ve looked at more pictures of kitchens online than you can count, drawn out the perfect layout, picked the ideal color pallet, and finalized your backsplash options, countertops, faucets, trim, and nearly every other detail. But there is still one part of your kitchen remodel that isn’t quite settled… how to choose the right hardware for your new cabinets?

Cabinet pulls and handles may seem like an afterthought, especially compared to high-price items like cabinet faces, countertops, or flooring. But cabinet knobs and pulls play a critical role in finishing the overall style of your space.

Plus, you’re going to be grabbing, touching, pulling, and pushing on them a lot in the years to come. So take a glance at this guide and make sure your hardware selection is the right fit for your new cabinets!

Knobs vs. Pulls

You have two major options for cabinet hardware to choose from, those being:

  • knobs, which have a single point of contact with the cabinet face
  • pulls, which have two points of contact and a section between them for gripping and pulling

Knobs are the traditional choice for cabinet doors, while pulls should always be used on drawers. And while many homeowners opt to use a combination of knobs and pulls, the modern trend is to use only pulls, keeping every door and drawer in your space looking clean, sooth, and matched.

Pick Your Finish

When it comes to remodeling, many homeowners are surprised at just how many variations of “silver” or “gold” fixtures there really are. And, unfortunately, finishes are often one of those details that you might never notice until something sticks out as being just a little bit off or mismatched.

Some common finish options for cabinet hardware include:

  • Chrome, a clean silver finish available plain, matte, or brushed
  • Nickel, a warmer version of silver available in polished, brushed, satin, and antique flavors
  • Brass, a warm gold tone and comes in satin, brushed or antique. A VERY popular choice at the moment!
  • Bronze, a warm brown tone that may feature antique or oil-rubbed texture
  • Copper, a bright reddish tone that can be antique, brushed, or polished
  • Matte black-another incredibly popular choice!
  • Glossy white

While cabinet hardware doesn’t necessarily have to match the finish on your faucet or lighting fixtures, you should aim to coordinate and compliment all your metal elements (or accent colors) rather than allowing them to clash or stand apart from one another. Mixing metals is actually a bit of an art, and there is a definite right and wrong way to do so. Stay tuned for a blog on this exact topic in the very near future. In the meantime, check out this article from one of our favorite resources: Architectural Digest.

Find Your Style

Like jewelry, cabinet hardware comes in a wide range of styles and designs. And, like jewelry, you want to pick something that’s not too fancy or too plain for the situation. Something that you can show off, but not something too over the top. Something that fits.

One good way to approach this choice is to take a look at the cabinet faces you’re decorating.

  • If you have flat, euro-style doors you’ll want a pull that’s clean, sleek, and modern.
  • A more accented and decorative cabinet door will need a more decorative pull, though you should be careful to match curved or square designs appropriately.
  • Shaker cabinets, a poplar transitional choice, can adapt to a wide variety of different knobs or pulls, giving you a lot of freedom and leeway.

Get Your Hands On Some Samples

Sometimes, a fitting that looks great online just doesn’t hold up in person. So it’s often a good idea to go to a store or get samples, so you can see what your choices really look like in your kitchen’s light, how they match up to the cabinets in terms of proportions, and how they feel in your hand.

A good pull shouldn’t be too heavy, or too flimsy. Aim for something solid and tough enough to hold up to daily use and avoid any strange textures or imperfections that you’ll feel when using the hardware.

And, if a hands-on sample just isn’t an option, make sure you head online and check the prices, reviews, and any and all photos of the fitting installed in real homeowner spaces. Remember, while saving money is great, it’s just as important to find a well-made product that can help you fall in love with your kitchen and stay in love with it for years down the road.

We’re Ready To Help!

Upgrading a bathroom, kitchen, family space, or any other combination of rooms can take as little as a single day, or weeks of in-depth demo and rebuilding. The options available to you are simply endless.

But just because you have some decisions to make doesn’t mean you need to feel lost or overwhelmed. Here at Artisan Remodeling & Design we love helping friends, neighbors, and fans just like you make choices that all add up to the perfect space and the perfect at-home experience for you and your family.

Call us today at 970-691-6995 or 970-402-2099 and we’ll be more than happy to listen to you, learn about your new cabinets project, and lend our own professional design and installation expertise. Thank you!

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